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Bikash Bhavan, Bidhannagar, Kolkata - 91

No. 1206-Edn (CS)
      50-52 / 98

Dated Kolkata. the 26th November 2001

From : Shri D. K. Basu
          Joint Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal

To : The Director of Public Instruction, West Bengal.

                     Sub : Implementation of the U.G.C. Scales of Pay for teachers in
                             Non-Govt. Colleges: Clarification reg.

In Continuation of this Department G.O. No. 2-Edn (CS) dated 1.1.2001 on the subject mentioned above, the undersigned is directed to say that the U.O.C. has since clarified In their letter No. F-5. 3/2001 (PS) dated 31.8.2001 that teachers who acquired Ph.D. during service prior to 1.1.96 and who were not given the benefit of any advance increments as per the earlier Career Advancement Scheme should be given the benefit of two advance Increments w.e.f. 27.7.98.

           The A.O., West Bengal and others are being informed.

                                                                                         D. K. Basu
                                                                                        Joint Secretary

No. 1863 (500)-C                                                                                 Dated Kolkata, the 27th December, 2001

                     Copy forwarded to the Principal / Teacher-in Charge,__________________________ for information and he/she is requested to submit proposal In a tabular form with the following information :

(1) Name and Designation, (2) Date of appointment as Lecturer, (3) Date of award of Ph.D. degree,

(4) Post held as on 26-7-98, (5) Basic Pay and Scale of Pay as on 26-7-98

(6) Pay to be fixed at (I) Rs.________ (li) w.e.f. 27.7.98 (ill) Scale of Pay :_______

(7) Date of next Increment (8) Remarks.**

        Please enclose attested copies of the Pay fixation memo. confirming the date of entry in the service and subsequent pay fixation memos, Ph.D. Certificate (confirming the date of admission to Ph.D., if necessary), G.B. resolution in terms of G.O. no. 1206-Edn.(CS) dated 26.11.01.

                                **(Please indicate the page No. and SI. No. of the enclosed pay
                                        fixation statement against each incumbent here)

                                                                                         Prabir K. Das
                                                                            for Director of Public Instruction,
                                                                                          West Bengal

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